Hotel Activities

Other Downtown Napa Hotels are happy to charge extra for coffee, breakfast, wine, a bit of chocolate… even parking and WiFi!

It may not seem like much, but those “little things” each day add up… to about $60-90 per couple, every day. That’s a LOT.

When you’re comparing us with other places, please think about this. Other Napa hotels may talk about how “you get more when you stay at our hotel”. But you pay for it. And you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even notice until you get home… and see your credit card bill. Eeeek?!

That’s just not our style. So many things that other Napa hotels charge for are included, no extra charge, when you stay with us. It makes for a great value. It’s no wonder we have so many return guests!

The Back Deck

Sit under the old walnut tree and enjoy the relaxing flames of our firepit as you relax with a glass of wine, getting to know other guests. It’s a perfect way to end a perfect day.